Pineapple Project

News from MABINTY SESAY, received 14th October 2014

The (PINEAPPLE PROJECT) there is a big prospect last year. We planted up to 60,000 seedlings which will start to produce fruit by  January next year. But it all depends if we treated it with good chemicals.   Presently we  need to plant more and have already got some seedlings but we need more because we have prepared a very big piece of Land to plant. We also need fertilizers and other chemicals to force the plant so that it can bear fruits.   We have snapped so many photos for you to have a look but no way it cant attach but with time we will continue to make a try. This is the last month to do our planting.   I will furnish you with any other information you need.     God bless.

This project received a grant of £1000 from Scott Bader.

The reference to ‘good chemicals’ is to fertilizers which are essential to replace natural nutrients leached out of the soil by the heavy rains.