Report by Abu Bakarr Fofanah

This is the report submitted by the Newton Secretary, Abu Bakarr Fofanah in December 2016


Dear members

I write to keep you informed on the recent developments of the link here in Sierra Leone. Firstly it is important to let you know that the Preschool project will come to an end in January with simultaneous official opening ceremony. According to our treasurer, much is not needed to complete this project. We are now working together to produce an end result with the shortest possible time. We have selected two teachers in volunteer service provision, give little compensation by the end of each month. Indeed we have registered a good number of homeless and hopeless children whom we intend transforming and shaping their lives for an unimaginable future.

On the other hand, the Institute is doing very well. We managed to run this Institute amidst difficulties facing our country. I am proud to inform you that our students have taken their final year National Diploma and Certificate Exams in Accounting, Banking, Human Resources, Computer Engineering, Building Technology, public health and Reproductive Health. What is amazing right now that some of them have now secured jobs in NGOs, the Police Force and in private health centres. Our official convocation or graduation ceremony is slated for the 25th Feb next year. On that I have the honour and privilege to invite your representation in the occasion which is a true manifestation of our hard work and total commitment. Lastly I am pleased to inform you that we have distributed items sent for school some time ago. On behalf of the people of Newton, I want thank all of you for good work. God bless you all. Wishing you happy Christmas in advance

AB Fofana, Secretary.