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Recent Donations

The Baptist Church has donated £633.79, which was raised by the Saturday coffee  mornings. We are their current chosen Charity. Thank you so much.

We are very grateful to all our personal donors who have sent differing amounts in the last few months. Most prefer to remain anonymous.

I’d like to remind you all that every penny raised goes to Sierra Leone. We do not employ any staff in the UK or in SL. All those who work to help us are unpaid volunteers.  We do not own any premises or have any outgoings other than a small amount for insurance, which is needed at the events we organise.

It was very good to get this message from one of our donors….

I think the work you are all doing is amazing, having worked for UNICEF in Africa and India I have experienced first hand how much is needed. What always strikes me is the amazing happiness of those I worked with and I see this reflected your work


Anne – 01234 711196 –

There are many ways you can offer your support:

Please see our ‘Projects‘ page for information on our active projects.