Schools’ Link

Schools Link

The schools link began with Olney Infant School and The Rural Education Committee School (REC)  in Newton. Two teachers visited Sierra Leone to find out how children are taught there. Olney Middle, Lavendon and Ousedale then  came on board, each having a link school in Newton.
In 2010 three teachers from Olney and Lavendon visited Newton and in 2011 three Headteachers from Newton came to visit their partner schools. These visits were made possibly by a grant from the British Council. A further grant was awarded in 2014 but the teachers were unable to visit as there was an Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone.

Planning for the return visit
Working together in Sierra Leone.

Over the years the UK schools have raised money to send out equipment and books to their partner schools. Children have also been involved in collaborative work. Topics covered have included school life, leisure activities, festivals, family celebrations  and the weather. Pupils from both countries have benefitted greatly from learning about life in a different country.

The schools in Sierra Leone.

Ahmadiyya Agricultural Primary School
Ahmadiyya Agricultural Primary School
Christ Evangelical School
Christ Evangelical School , Katu town, Newton
Rural Education Committee School
Rural Education Committee School.   REC
Ahmadiyya Agricultural Secondary School
Ahmadiyya Agricultural Secondary School

Due to Covid the schools link has been quiet but resources such as books have still been sent out. Money was also sent out from Olney Infant to repair a well at the REC school. Photos have been  regularly sent from the Head at Christ Evangelical School  to keep us updated.

We are pleased to welcome Newton Blossomville School to the link and
we now hope that contact with the schools in Sierra Leone can resume on a more frequent basis.

New classrooms at Christ Evangelical School.

This is our next fundraising project. A well has been built at Christ Evangelical School but they didn’t have enough money for a pump. Getting water from a well without a pump is dangerous, as can be seen in the above picture.