Report and Thanks letter from Newton

The Olney committee wish to thank everyone who has contributed support as referred to in this letter.





                                                                        16 November2014.

The chairperson,

Olney/Newton link Committee

United Kingdom U.K

Dear Madam,

          Appreciation of Ebola Help

I write on behalf of the above named committee and the Ebola affected victims of Newton who have received tremendous assistant from the Oley/Newton Link committee in the UK.

The people of Newton wishes to express their sincere gratitude and appreciation for all that you have done for them over the past few months since the outbreak of the Ebola virus diseases. The Ebola victims of Newton have received buckets and sanitizer for hand washing, the provision of food to vulnerable quarantine homes, used clothing for children affected directly and indirectly from the virus and the financial help given to the Newton Health center. Ebola virus diseases have deprived many homes in the community. It has also left many children homeless, hopeless and deprived without parent or guardians that will take care of their welfare. Some of these children are under age, some are in the primary and secondary schools, while others are in tertiary learning Institutions. In fact as of writing you Madam, some of these victims barely survive to get food, while some go to bed hungry. The most precarious situation right now is the level of stigmatization faced by their extended families, members of the community and children’s play mates in way of social exclusion, discrimination and marginalization. The situation lying ahead of Ebola victims is still challenging and needs robust action to find a remedy.

However, the link here in Sierra Leone will continue to facilitate and do all what it could to provide you with the necessary information for further humanitarian consideration. Once more on behalf of the people of NEWTON I want to thank you very much and to all those who have contributed in diverse ways and means in helping the people of newton. May God richly bless you all.

Attached is a copy of a comprehensive report on the activities and update of the link. [This is a very comprehensive report for the Olney-Newton Link Trustees to consider!]

I beg to remain,

Yours faithfully,

Abubakarr Fofanah