Teaching Sierra Leone to love Rugby!

We were lucky to have as our speaker at the latest Olney Newton Link AGM, Calum Clark -former Rugby player for the Northampton Saints and a recent addition to Saracens. You may wonder how a little charity could persuade such an esteemed Rugby player to give up his time! Well, we’re proud to say we all share a love of Sierra Leone and really enjoyed hearing about Calum’s experiences when he introduced a football loving nation to this full contact sport!

Whilst visiting his girlfriend who was working in Sierra Leone, Calum was introduced to a group of lads, keen to learn about Rugby. Having taught them the basics, he was able to bring kit from Northampton and set them up to play as teams on Lumley Beach – one of the main beaches in Freetown.

The training was a huge success, massively enjoyed and valued by all. For Calum it was a big education – very different to everyday life in the UK. The team outfits were treasured by teams that had never had ‘team colours’ and new outfits before. Full contact sport was definitely not shied away from, having survived so much hardship from Ebola, War and poverty, men are not scared of a bump! And the excitement and enthusiasm that he encountered has made Calum realise just how special a country it is – we totally agree!

Enjoy his photos of this beautiful country and the fun that was had on Lumley Beach.