Current Projects

Update on the Preschool 2021

The Preschool, which is now well established, is hoping to become a recognised education establishment. This means that the Sierra Leone Government’s Education Department’s requirements have had to be complied with.

These have included building a boundary wall around the perimeter to ensure the safety of the children, and carpeting throughout, among others. We have been able to send funds to enable the purchase of materials, including money to purchase and lay paving round the building, to try to protect the new carpet! It is thanks to your continued financial support that funds are available, as, obviously, normal fund raising activities have been impossible for almost 18 months.

The latest requirement, requiring the need to send money, is the registration of the land on which the Preschool is built. Hopefully, once the application is processed, it will be “adopted” by the Government and become self supporting. We will keep you posted!