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New Ebola Vaccine found

The Link are thrilled and relieved to hear that a vaccine to end Ebola has finally been found. Trials which have been taking place in Guinea (neighbouring Sierra Leone) have proved to be 100% successful.


We say ‘finally found’ as nearly 4,000 people have died in Sierra Leone (3585 quoted on National Ebola Response Centre, 3951 quoted by the BBC and Centers for Disease Control). 11,284 people have died internationally. However, scientists have heralded the vaccine as remarkable due to the ‘unprecedented speed with which the development of the vaccine and the testing were carried out’ (Guardian newspaper, 31 July 2015).

Yet again, the country will have to rebuild itself. This is desperately sad as following the horrific Civil War, Sierra Leone felt that it was finally getting back on its feet. Although listed as number 183 out of 187 countries on the United Nations ‘Human Development Index 2013’ – a rank which shows how a country compares to the rest of the World in terms of life expectancy/poverty/education etc. – Sierra Leone had expectations of great improvements and was slowly climbing the list.

The 2015 UNDP index is yet to be released. However, we suspect that this upward trend has been brought to a halt. Life expectancy was quoted as being 45.5 years in 2013 – a terribly young age. What will it be in 2015?

One of the biggest catastrophes in Sierra Leone is the number of orphan children that have been created. These children have watched their Mums, Dads, brothers, sisters and community surrounding them die – they must take priority.   Because of poverty levels (72.68% below the poverty line in 2013), taking on care of the children is a huge undertaking. Even though Ebola has hopefully been wiped out, we mustn’t stop helping!

Trials of the vaccine have been funded by the World Health Organisation and a number of countries such as Norway, Canada and Great Britain. The British Government provided £1m of funding and has pledged more to ensure testing continues and is started in Sierra Leone and other countries.

For more information on the vaccine, follow this link to the Guardian newspaper website:


Brrima James Kabia [on Facebook]
“THANKS AND APPRICIATION: My FB friends ,members of this group and fellow Newtonians, I am please to inform you about the the relentless eforts of friends and the entire people of Olney UK in assisting the people of Newton in derverse ways. This is to let you know that I have just signed for collected first aid items for the utilizationn of our people . I have just deispatched one carton to the Skill center, a lager part of it is going to the Newton hospital (Health center) Join me thank these philantropists their kind gesture. Fellow you Newtoian out there this is something worthy to emulate. Friends of Olney I thank you from the bottom of my Heart. God bless you all.”


A large portion of this consignment was First Aid; very relevant to their current situation.

Building a new Preschool – December 2015

We live in a country which loves its children.  Imagine if a British child lost its mum and dad and maybe its brothers and sisters too – our hearts would go out to them. It has been reported that 3,912 people have died from Ebola in Sierra Leone (BBC news 8th June 2015).  Thousands of children have lost their mums, dads, brothers and sisters.  There are horrific stories where houses have been entered, only to find the whole household dead and one little child sitting alone.  Children from Newton

In Newton, 105 children have lost parents and are now being looked after by single parents, extended family or friends.  Many of these people are working or have other things which keep them from full time childcare. There is no such things as a ‘State Benefits’ system in Sierra Leone – you have to work to stay alive.

We need your help now.  Can you help us to raise £10,000 to build a new ‘Preschool’?  This school will provide care during daytime hours.  The Committee in Newton (Olney Newton Link) have told us that it’s desperately needed.

 Handouts for the children  preschool coloured sketch

The scheme proposes that a building will be constructed (sketch above) to accommodate 105 children.  There will be 3 rooms (20x30ft) with a large covered veranda, staff room/ office and store room (10x15ft).  At the present rate of exchange, it is expected to cost approximately £10,000 to build – not a large amount compared to UK prices!

Please help!  It’s desperately needed – lives have been devastated.

See the page on this website titled ‘how you can help’

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Update on proposed Pre-School/Day Care Centre

preschool foundations

This photo was received by us on Wednesday 10th June, showing that they have commenced work on the foundations to the Pre-School/Day Care Centre.  The challenge for US is to raise the funds to complete this project!

When will it end?

42 days Counting starts after last discharged case- NERC CEO

Thursday May 14, 2015

NERC Chief Executive Officer of National Ebola Response Centre Retired Major Palo Conteh yesterday said that the Government never knew that the counting to 42 days should start after the last ebola patient is discharged or dies.
“We all at NERC, the President and Ministers thought that we should start counting from the first day we attain zero case, it is only now that WHO is telling us that we have to wait till the last ebola case is discharged or dies. It is news to us.”
The CEO said currently they have four ebola patients in the facilities and that there is a scare at Krootown Town Road where a man ‘escaped’ from Moa Wharf where it is said that his girlfriend had contracted the disease. “Instead of him waiting to be treated, as he had been line-listed, he left and came back to his home, where he was being treated secretly until he reached the wet condition or worse stage.
“When he was picked up, his condition was so bad, he was vomiting blood. His chances of survival is very low. This is what I have been preaching for months now that we must not hide but call 117 when someone is sick.”
Rtd. Maj. Palo Conteh also stressed the point that they are still reviewing the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for burials.
He said in the coming days they will come out with the new SOP. “But for now people should still comply with the laws on burial until they hear from us.”
The NERC CEO averred that last week, it was only two cases that were recorded, which he said is the lowest ever recorded in the country. He urged all to continue to follow the guidelines, so that ebola can be a thing of the past in the country.
CEO Palo Conteh said because the virus is now coming to an end, NERC he said, will relocate soon, as well as downsizing the staff.
He appealed to all the staff that they should understand that the ebola job was temporary and they all should know that it will come to an end someday.
He congratulated Liberia for reaching 42 days and stated that when President Johnson Sirleaf was on BBC, she made it clear that as long as Guinea and Sierra Leone continue to record cases, Liberia will remain at risk.
“Western Area Rural, Port Loko and Koinadugu Districts have also gone 21 days without recording a new case. If this trend continues in those Districts, it means within few weeks they would also reach the 42 days margin. Kambia District and Moa Wharf in the Western Area Urban, which have been the only hotspots for the past three weeks have also gone eight and seven days respectively without recording a new case. I call on them to remain vigilant and even more robust in their drive to keep ebola out of their districts.”
He said there are people in quarantine in the Western Area, Port Loko and Kambia, but they should be optimistic and be mindful that it is possible that some of those in quarantine may become positive. “Which is why it is important that we remain committed to the fight, honest with the case investigators and vigilant in our communities, until we end all quarantine in our communities and discharge or bury the last case of ebola.

A relevant newspaper article!

With respect to our new project of a Pre-School / Day Care centre, the article in The Guardian [double-click link below] is pertinent. Also see our Projects page

  • Cheese and Wine Evening, Saturday 30th April

    Cheese wine night

    Socialise with your neighbours and enjoy some nibbles and a glass of wine!

    Come and join us for a lovely evening at 34 Carey Way, Olney.  We can promise great company and lovely food. Saturday 30th April 2016 at 7.30pm.
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    Proceeds will be used to help us complete and furnish the Pre-school in Newton.