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Quiz Night, 7.30pm, Friday 11th November

captureWho was the first president of Zimbabwe?

Do you know the answer?! Would you like to know the answer or do you just enjoy quizzes? We’d love to see you. Grab some friends – teams of up to 6 people – and enjoy an evening complete with supper and soft drinks.  Cost £8.50 per head, inclusive of quiz, food and drink. All in aid of the Olney Newton Link.

Quiz night to be held at The Olney Centre, High Street, Olney MK46 4EF.   Arrive at 7.15pm for a prompt start at 7.30pm. Tickets are available from the Phonebox or CT Wilson. Enquiries ring: 01234 711196 or 711751.


Milton Keynes Sinfonia Chamber Group, Saturday 15th October, 7.30pm


Full_Orchestra_V1Enjoy a beautiful musical performance

We’re pleased to announce that The Milton Keynes Sinfonia Chamber Group are holding a concert at the Olney Parish Church in support of The Friends of Cobbs Garden Surgery and the Olney Newton Link. The programme will include music by Mozart, Corelli, Stamitz and Gordon Jacob together with arrangements of music by Simon & Garfunkel, Joni Mitchell and other popular and traditional music including The Girl form Ipanema and Danny Boy. Refreshments will be available.


Tickets are £10 and can be purchased in advance from CT Wilson, 84 High Street, Olney; Cobbs Garden Surgery, West Street, Olney and The Phone Box, Stanley Court, Olney. They will also be available at the door – Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul, Church Street, Olney MK46 4AD. Click here for further information.

A roof for the new Preschool

We’re nearly there!  Our friends in Newton have sent us photographs of the new Preschool roof being built (sent July 2016). Fingers crossed the building will be in use by September this year.

June 2017   June 2016 (2)

Summer BBQ, Saturday 15th July, 1pm

Sunshine and Summer BBQs!

Isn’t it lovely to join your neighbours in the back garden for a wonderful barbecue? We have ordered the sun to shine (hopefully it will, being July!) and we are inviting you all to join us at 34 Carey Way, Olney for the usual BBQ fare including a vegetarian option, desserts and cold drinks.

Tickets cost £9 per adult, children aged 4-10 will be £5, children under 4 are free. The back gate will open at 1pm with food available 1.30 until 3pm. Anne and Rob McCallum will be your hosts at 34 Carey Way, Olney. Please buy your tickets in advance from Anne (x711196), Rachel Lintern (x711751) or any member of the ONL Committee.

Click here for more information about the Summer Barbecue.

The Cherry Fair, Glebe Field next to the Church, Saturday 18th June 2016, 1pm-4pm

Cherry FairAll the fun of the Fair

It is well known that Olney has a fantastic heritage. However, did you know that part of that heritage includes the production of a large cherry crop? Each year the glut was sold off at the end of the harvest and the town had a holiday. This became known as the ‘Cherry Fair’ – a Country Fair with country dancing, tug of war, side-shows, stalls and refreshments. Naturally the Link will be at the heart of this year’s events. Come and join us at our Tombolda stall and help to join the celebration.

The Olney Duck and Raft Race, Sunday 3rd July 2016

raft raceWin big money on the Ducks!

The Olney Duck and Raft Race is a lovely event, bringing the town together to ‘race’ hundreds of plastic ducks down the River Ouse, and then assembling rafts and paddling around the town. At the finishing line by the towns ‘steps’ there are amusements and refreshments as well as live music.  Come and join the Olney Newton Link at the finish line for lots of celebration. More details to come.

The Newton Institute, December 2015

The Matriculation Ceremony

The Matriculation Ceremony

The Matriculation Ceremony

Yes I know you were all experiencing a milder than usual Christmas this year but in Sierra Leone the temperature was in the upper 30’s . In case you are wondering, no we didn’t tuck in to turkey and all the trimmings followed by an ample portion of Christmas pud!

On 19th December, we drove for 4 hours along a metalled road (believe me that is worth commenting on!), to visit Newton. We had been invited to attend the Matriculation Event – what we would call a Graduation Ceremony – for the first students who had been doing the courses at the Skills Training Centre. This is now known as the Newton Institute and is providing courses in accountancy, business studies, banking, engineering, IT, and sociology. The tutors are from local universities and the students from the local community.

The first graduates

The first graduates

We were greeted like royalty and I hardly have the words powerful enough to describe the gratitude that the people

of Newton have for this facility. People of all ages are now able to study for the qualifications they have been unable to access through restrictions due to the Civil War in the 1990’s, transport problems and more recently the ebola emergency. It was a privilege to be able to join them for the event that day.

The PreSchool

From there, we were quickly and proudly ushered to see the Preschool/Day Care Centre. It was not quite where we thought it was going to be as a land dispute, the scourge of Sierra Leone, had meant it had to be moved from the site originally earmarked. This had meant a loss of some building blocks and precious time, but nevertheless good progress has been made and the walls are approx. 4ft high. Since returning to UK we have been able to send some more funds so building has resumed. We were impressed that, because of the clamour for building land, the foundations and walls are being made strong enough to take a second storey if needed in the future. This facility is URGENTLY needed and we still have to get the roof on and the internal fixtures and fittings put in so please continue to support this important work.

Rachel Lintern

Updates on the Preschool, December 2015

Building the new Preschool

Building work begins

Over Christmas, we are pleased to say that residents from Olney were finally able to visit their friends in Newton again (Ebola has meant no flights for over a year).  The Preschool is well underway, despite a few teething problems, and the walls are now approximately 4ft high.  Due to a need for finances (see below), building is currently at a halt, and the ONL is discussing whether it can help. A water well is also needed to serve both the Skills Training Centre and the Preschool.  A borehole has been started but needs more work.

 Construction headaches

Sadly the Preschool has been set by difficulties, partly due to the very intense rainy season (see ‘Flooding’ in the News section).  However, the Preschool has also been impacted by a common West African problem – land disputes.  Land disputes are a real problem in Sierra Leone as there are virtually no written records of who owns what. This is mainly due to title deeds being destroyed by rebels during the Civil War.  Similar problems happen in the UK, although thankfully less frequently – it’s known as ‘acquiring ownership by adverse possession’.

The Olney Newton Link Committee in Newton believed that they had bought a piece of land the size of ‘3 town lots’ for the Preschool and started to build.  Then sadly someone laid claim to the land and won the case.  Consequently everything has had to move!  The Committee is now using the land next to the Skills Training Centre – land definitely in their ownership but which had previously been earmarked for the expansion of the Centre.  They have ensured that the foundations and walls are strong enough so that, if necessary, they can extend upwards.

The Skills Training Centre, with building work next door

Both time and building materials have suffered.  However, it is hoped that with support from the Olney Newton Link, and with the precious dry spell of weather underway, the situation can be quickly recovered.